Changing culture views: Meeting Santa

Changing culture views: Meeting Santa | UAE MOMS | #1 Social Community Group for all Women in UAE

December bring us a lot of magic with festive lights, music and  activities, no matter where you go, you will see magical decoration.

The spirit of holidays is joyful, even if you come from a culture that doesn’t celebrate Christmas you would still enjoy the decoration. Last night we visited Abu Dhabi mall winter village, everyone was walking with a big smile, kids running & racing to line-up to meet Santa and others making candy baskets. ( check the video to get a glance of it )

The spirit of unity the Emirates is embracing, reflects well on all the things we experience in life, as we are in a divers community of cultures and religion, you would be surprised for a moment that families from all backgrounds do come to enjoy the festive fun. The view to “Meeting Santa” is changing from being a religious tradition , to a more fun activity for all kids. We are LOVING the unity feel.

Speaking about unity feelings, its worth mentioning that this year Abu Dhabi mall is leading a great initiative with Make a wish foundation, collecting 1000 letters for Santa from kids so that he can witness at least 1000 nice things next year for kids in need from Make a wish foundation ( Read More)




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