Holiday Calendar 2017

Holiday Calendar 2017 | UAE MOMS | #1 Social Community Group for all Women in UAE

Happy New Year !

Is it time yet to plan for another holiday yet? The calendar for public holidays in UAE is announced, and while this list could change slightly depending on the Lunar Islamic calendar, it’s almost accurate. The number of days for each holiday will yet to be confirmed by the Ministry closer to the dates

سنة سعيدة

تواريخ العطل لسنة 2017 أصبحت جاهزة. قد لا تكون مؤكدة 100% لكنها كافية لكي تستعدو للتخطيط لأجازة جديدة مع العائلة


Monday 24-Apr Al Isra’a Wal Mi’raj
Sunday 25-Jun Eid Al Fitr
Thursday 31-Aug Arafat Day
Friday 1-Sep Eid Al Adha
Friday 22-Sep Al Hijri New Year
Thursday 30-Nov Commemoration Day
Thursday 30-Nov Mawlid Nabawi
Saturday 2-Dec UAE National Day


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