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What about a PET ?

We all heard about the benfit of having pets around kids, from teaching them responsibility to empathy. But we all know with that we have some preperations to plan so we insure a safe enviroment is present for our kids & their furry friends.

Its important to have your pet checked by VETERINARIAN before adopting it & to plan exercise timings regularly

We know it might be overwhelming preps and adding a pet to your family is like another baby to take care of.

Join us at the LuLu Hypermarket in Abudhabi & Dubai to learn about all the things you need to take care of your pet. LULU will be luanching a unique event PAWS N TAILSthat focus on all pets needs and you can bring your furry friends along with your kids!

Its free to join with raffle prizes , registration is must via the following link


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