Summer Camps 2019


Count down to summer holiday & the search for camps begins. As always , we bring you a collection of summer camps across UAE 

Selecting a camp could be a challenging decision, and there is more to it than just focusing on price and location. Here are some tips from our moms to choose the best camp for your child :

  • Choose appropriate camp for your child age. As many will advertise for a wide range of age like ( 4 to 8 or so ) , its important you insure your child is placed with the correct age group
  • Choose the activity & be specific. Focusing on your child interest & hobbies will help you shortlist your options rather than opting to mixed activity camp
  • Do your research. Before you commit to any centre check feedback about them within your community and don’t feel shy to ask if the trainers are qualified in their areas
  • Transportation. If the camp you need should include transportation , then make sure its with certified bus company that abide by transportation regulations
  • Food. Its best to send your child meals and snacks , but if you do choose a camp that offer the service , then its important you ask about the menu and insure they supply balanced healthy meals
  • Mix & match. For older kids enrolling them in specialized courses is better than full day camp, as they get more focused hands on experience.
  • Safety. Visit the camp premises and tour around the pool / gym area to check for safety measures & don’t forget to ask about First Aid & emergency medical support

Summer is all about having fun, kids just want to play and its a great learning opportunity for them to try out new sports and follow their passions

Now scroll through the best camps in Abu Dhabi, Dubai & Sharjah and for details contact the service providers directly & note some have locations across the UAE so review the entire list !

إليكم قائمة بمجموعة النوادي و المخيمات الصيفية في أبوظبي و دبي و الشارقة ، لا تنسوا أن تراجعوا المجموعة كاملة بحيث بعض المراكز لها عدة فروع و لمعلومات إضافية التواصل مع المراكز مباشرة

  • Abu Dhabi

Kids Factory | Summer Camps 2019
Kids Factory | Summer Camps 2019


  • Dubai

  • Sharjah


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