A trip to Lego Land Dubai

A trip to Lego Land Dubai | UAE MOMS | #1 Social Community Group for all Women in UAE

My kids have been waiting a long time for this day, or shall I say “WE”. We are a family that loves theme parks, so when I received an invitation to attend the soft opening, of course said YES with a big smile.

Excitement was under estimated word to use, we stand by the big gate and it feels as if we took a flight to one of the theme parks in US, with a welcoming note “Awesome awaits”

Kids running towards the main podium where the Lego structures are displayed feels like entering a mini-city, mini-Dubai to be specific. The area MiniLand is huge with structures from every country, like Pyramids from Egypt, Romanian monument and much more. This part is definitely worth the trip as you get to make a fun history lesson out of it with your little ones by introducing them to different famous spots around the world, some of which are listed within the 7 wonders!

Heading out again to move to the next section, you cannot miss all the Lego structures around you, from animals, dinosaurs, Lego characters and many more (our kids wanted to stop by each one and snap a photo). There are different theme sections to explore with rides suitable for kids like the dragon coaster and Merlin flying machine.

During the visit we joined a theater show, the lights with big screens and moving Lego characters, felt so real for the kids, they sat focused watching the magic of Lego coming to “Life”.

Before we head out we chilled at an area filled with tones of Legos, literally Lego heaven for kids to sit and spend hours in there playing and assembling. Not to forget that at the factory section kids got a chance to learn how Lego bricks are made

For the water lovers there is an adventure for them, although when we were there the water park section was not fully opened, but trust me it looked amazing and more than enough reason to visit Lego Land.

Looking back the preview visit of Lego Land Dubai was great, and we are looking forward to plan our next visit. Thinking further this would be a great full day school trip

For direction visit: www.legoland.com/dubai

Tickets start at Aed. 350 for kids (under 3 years enter free) & Aed. 395 for adults or you can get the annual pass for Aed 995.

ENJOY! And don’t forget to go with your camera fully charged and a swim suite.


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